No two stories are ever the same;

I am a seeker of stories to capture in frame and word.

Aisha Mirza

Her writing has always been her creative outlet since childhood. For generations her family has produced artists and storytellers. Aisha has inherited her family’s love for words and has over the year’s written articles for magazines, and now turning her attention to books.

Born in London, but a resident of Greater Manchester all of her life she is a modest striving mother of three children. A graduate with a BSc Honours in Sociology and currently completing an MSc in Counselling and Psychotherapy she has a deep desire to dedicate her life in the service of others.

A compassionate individual she enjoys sharing her reflections of life and experiences through word, poetry and photography in the hope that others may find inspiration. Her kindness extends to all from the very old to the very young and as a humanitarian she is compelled to reach out to those less fortunate.

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