Time for Bed Zayd  

“As a mother of three children, I struggled to find books that hit the mark. Books that my children could really identify with that reflected their faith and culture. Quite often, the ones I did find, the words were often complicated and many morals I wanted my children to learn were absent. Although some of them were fun, they just didn't feel right so decided to write one myself.”

Aisha firmly believes that every moment has a story to tell and coupled with her passion for the visual arts and poetry she often uses this medium to retell stories.

Time for bed Zayd is a delightful story that all parents universally can relate to. Set in a Muslim home, it gives the reader a window into the bedtime routine of young Zayd and his many excuses to his mother, not to go to bed. Aisha’s love for rhythm and poetry oozes from the pages and the vibrant illustrations draw the reader in that they simply do not want to put it down. This is her first book and the start of more to come.




"What I found particularly captivating is that the language is easy on the ear; the story is imbued with poetry and it rhymes and resonates with the multi-lingual reality of life in modern melting-pot Britain. In counterpoint to the story are the wondrous illustrations by Alma Perissinotti; words and images blend seemlessly together. A delight."

Z. H. Zareen - Novelist


"As a teaching assistant this book not only is a story that all children can relate to but it is fun and assists in learning. A great book to base lesson plans around with the use of repeated word patterns and punctuation it allows children to explore and really be excited about words and reading. Its simply wonderful and I can see it to be a favourite for many."

Nausheen Choudhury - Teaching Assistant 


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